Darren’s boot camp is awesome!

I’ve been working out in a variety of gyms and health spas in the Dallas area since 2002. In each of these gyms, I’ve taken a variety of classes and worked with various personal trainers.

Never have I worked with a trainer that was as professional and knowledgeable as Darren Clark. I can honestly say that whether you are in his boot camp or working with him one on one he is attentive to form, technique,safety and results.

Darren’s boot camp is awesome. It’s fast pace and challenging but you never feel as though you can’t keep up. Being one of the “older” participants, I never once was made to feel lesser than my younger counterparts. Darren will modify any exercise to make it work for you.

…He’s always right there with you, either correcting your technique or pushing you through your last set. Darren is sincerely interested in you, your fitness goals and he truly wants to be a part of your fitness success.

He brings his own unique style, always with a smile, a quick comeback or just a look which means, get busy. You will grunt, sweat and mutter your way through your class or session but you will laugh and smile along the way. Your fitness goals will be reached and you will find yourself smiling by the end of it all.

Nancy B