Darren Clark is the BEST!

When I first met Darren over 10 years ago, I was in tears due to being overweight….waaaay overweight from being on bedrest for 6 months due to a high-risk pregnancy. Darren helped me get the weight off then…and the weight is still off today. Even though I do not train with Darren in Dallas anymore (because I moved out of state…THAT is the only reason, otherwise I would still be training with him), I am still working out and I can still hear his voice with each rep I complete saying “Just one more rep…the last one is the best one.” Darren is a physical, spiritual and emotional trainer. His gift of being able to connect with his clients on all levels of well-being puts him in a class all by himself. Darren is not only gifted….he is a gift. When I look at my body today, I can honestly say that Darren is the best there was, is and ever will be. Period

Jenia B.