The Triple D Fitness Group /Darren Clark

The Triple D Fitness Group has a different energy than typical boot camps. Boot camps in my experience are more military in style (push ups, abs, run),intense intimidation, yelling at the class to get results vs The Triple D Fitness Group (Darren Clark) whose style is more the “Hug Push “, while the exercise is somewhat similar in both, Darren makes you feel cared for and motivated. The exercises are not typical and are very challenging but you always leave feeling proud of your efforts. This is a group class, yet it feels more like personal training. We are related to on a personal basis not as a herd. They create a, leave no man behind ,we are a team mentality, which can help when you are having an off day. There is no babying, just honest support and motivation. By actually checking in with everyone and acknowledging differences, these guys have more creditability than most instructors who simply go through a list of exercises and expect everyone to be the same. It allows us to push ourselves harder knowing someone’s watching, and come on the days you may not have as much to give and just move. Anyone can do it no matter what shape you are in. We all have different goals yet they all include FEELING GOOD, body, mind and spirit. Don’t waste time like I did waiting to get fit enough to join, it never happens. NOW is the perfect time . Come play, I’ll be there.