We truly believe that this method of fitness training is the best of both worlds for those who just want to make a change in their lifestyle, lose weight, and look better. This is because small group settings are the perfect place for you to come with one of your closest friends or make new friends, all while cutting costs and pushing each other to new limits as you benefit from a quality personal training experience.

Because we are client-focused and passionate about you, our personal trainer will never take a cookie-cutter approach to your wellness. Instead, we assess where you are in your fitness specifically, as well as where you are with respect to the other people in your small group, and custom-tailor fitness classes and exercises that will be perfect for everyone involved. At The Triple D Fitness Group, we are about helping our clients achieve real fitness goals while producing results that last. In this way, our semi-private fitness training sessions are designed so that you get personal attention while still benefiting from group motivation, pushing yourself to new heights in a comfortable, exciting format.

Whether you have a group of friends in mind or you would like to be placed into a semi-private training session, we can help! Our personal trainer will assess your experience level, goals, and needs in order to keep in mind exactly what will challenge your limits, yet making you want to come back for more. That’s what sets us apart, and that’s why our clients keep coming back.

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