From The Desk of Darren Clark

Do you ever wonder why there is so much conflicting weight-loss and fitness information being peddled by so-called fitness “experts”? How do you know when the information being given to you will get you the results you want?

In this day and age, where our lives are busier than ever before, we need to be able to trust the information we get from professional personal trainers.

We Want Value.

Take a good workout for example; When you join a traditional gym you may have to fight through a crowded space and wait to use the equipment. Furthermore, the personal trainer available to you may not even have the time to give you the personal attention you need to get a workout worthy of making you sweat.

Where’s The Value In That?

My name is Darren Clark and I’m Dallas’s Body Transformation Authority and the owner of The Triple D Fitness Group, located in Dallas, Texas. I bring crazy energy to every fitness class and focus on exactly what my clients need in order to help them lose weight and transform their body to be lean and sexy!

I’ve been in the game a long time, and I know that other gyms will prey on your fears. Sure, all those fears are real! But instead of relying on those fears of not knowing how to get started, sifting through conflicting information, and being afraid you won’t see any results for the time and effort you put in, we push in a positive direction, towards the results you’ve always wanted.

The Triple D Fitness Group offers you real solutions that get results!


Dallas, Texas group fitness class trainer DarrenOwner of The Triple D Fitness Group

Darren’s Bio.

Since starting his business in 1988, Darren Clark has become an exceptionally busy personal trainer. He has appeared in a J.C. Penny video-mercial and has been a guest on several health and fitness radio talk shows. Mr. Clark has also been interviewed for a number of news broadcast fitness segments and is a former elite member of Reebok’s Fitness Pro Team. He was also one of the select fitness industry leaders chosen to model and also demonstrate proper exercise techniques in the book Bio-Mechanically Correct, written by Everett Aaberg. From 1990 until 1998 Darren was the Personal Training Director of the Signature Athletic Club in Dallas, Texas where he also served on the Personal Training Committee Board for The Health Instructors Network. 1990 is also the same year in which Darren received the Personal Trainer of the Year award from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Bally’s fitness clubs. In recent times, Mr. Clark was the featured fitness writer for Dallas’ Scoreboard Monthly Sports Magazine.

Throughout the years, Darren has also written numerous magazine and newsletter articles pertaining to the benefits of fitness and has traveled throughout the United States and Mexico presenting fitness workshops and seminars. While on his relentless quest to be an effective fitness instructor, Mr. Clark has earned an American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) Master Gold Certification for personal training, a Physical Fitness Specialist Certification and an Indoor Cycling Certification from the Cooper Institute.

Darren has attended numerous continuing educational lectures and just as many fitness and martial arts workshops. He is a certified aerobics and group fitness leader and a certified Nike Athletic Total Conditioning (N.A.T.C.) instructor, as well as a trained TRX Suspension Training practitioner, and a former Reebok Fitness Pro. Not to mention, Daren also teaches and shares his knowledge as a martial arts student and practitioner in kickboxing, self-defense, and combat conditioning.

Through his positive motivation and result-oriented determination, Darren provides the education, encouragement and direction needed in a respected fitness professional of today. Darren continues on as a Personal Exercise Guide, Fitness Industry Leader, author of a multitude of fitness and health articles, and the The Triple D Fitness Group training programs creator and instructor.

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