If you’ve gotten fed up with diets that don’t work and the yo-yo effect of losing weight and then gaining it all back, then take the time to keep reading this page!

Nothing is more frustrating than losing weight and then gaining it all back repeatedly when you have enrolled in a North Dallas weight loss clinic.  It’s a rollercoaster ride that seems endless and yet thousands of individuals in Texas can’t seem to break that vicious cycle.  How many times have you lost weight and then gained it all back, or maybe even more than what you lost in the first place? The harsh reality is that the traditional weight loss clinic doesn’t teach you how to break that cycle and then keep the weight off permanently.

Our North Dallas weight loss program is the most effective one of its kind and is unique to the state of Texas.  Our personal training services will teach you how to manage your new body and maintain that healthier lifestyle once you have lost the weight.  You never have to worry about riding that rollercoaster again.  The best part about our programs here at our North Dallas weight loss clinic is that you’ll have a personal trainer that will:

  • teach you how to keep the weight off permanently
  • keep you accountable and motivated so that you never miss one of your exciting workouts
  • instruct you in the proper combination of diet and exercise
  • guide you every step of the way from start to finish
  • get you fit and healthy again while helping you build a killer body

9 out of every 10 people that join a North Dallas weight loss clinic have no clue that they were being lied to!

That’s a sad fact, but it’s a true one.  Other North Dallas weight loss centers really sell you on how good their programs are and the results that you will see.  But the harsh reality is that their guarantees or promises are worthless.  We’re not arguing the fact that some North Dallas weight loss clinics really help their members lose weight.  However, the truth of the matter with most of them is that they only deliver empty promises – not real results – and that’s where our North Dallas weight loss and personal training program is different.

Our boot camp North Dallas weight loss programs can be customized to target your specific needs where getting back into shape and losing the weight is concerned.  And we have the track record to prove it.  You won’t have to eat those tasteless, disgusting meals or torture yourself for countless hours on a piece of exercise equipment.  It only takes is three brief, intense workouts each week and you will be amazed at how rapidly that you start to see results.  Other North Dallas weight loss clinics in Texas count on you quitting the program after only a month or two. Contact Triple D Fitness today, and begin work toward a body you’ll be proud of!