Don’t even think about signing up at some other Dallas health club until you read this eye-opening information about how other Texas health clubs lie to you just to get your money!

When we opened our Dallas health club and developed our fitness and weight loss programs, the first thing we took into consideration was our own past experiences and frustrations as well as those of our members.  Here’s the harsh reality about other Dallas health clubs.  They lie to you in order to get your money and sign you up for a program that can only fail!  It’s happened to many of us here at our facility as well as dozens of our current and former members.

People who are seriously interested in improving their health and fitness are constantly being sucked in by these other Dallas health clubs and their so-called personal trainers.  These wannabes aren’t even real personal trainers, just a bunch of average Joe’s hired off the street for one purpose only – to sell more health club memberships and earn a commission!  They’re not interested in your success.  They’re only interested in their own.  The sad thing is that you gave them your hard earned money and only got empty promises in return.

We deliver real results – not empty promises!

We’re not out to win a popularity contest with those other Dallas health clubs.  We’re here to show you how they operate and why you shouldn’t waste your money on their programs.  We call this the 7-point philosophy that other Dallas health clubs employ to cheat their own members out of money while not delivering on their promises:

1) They hard sell you on their Dallas health club while they are really counting on you quitting after only a month or two

2) Other gyms are like cesspools literally crawling with bacteria that can make you sick (we’ve heard horror stories from other members about Staph infections like MRSA that they contracted when working out at one of those other Dallas health clubs)

3) They never let you know about the small print on their membership contracts – in fact, they are hoping that you never read any of the contract of the small print

4) The right combination of diet and exercise is what works but they don’t tell you that because they really have no clue about it

5) Most of the current members that you see at those other Dallas health clubs don’t look any different now then what they did 6 months ago or even longer

6) Members at those other fitness centers and gyms are not taught the proper exercises because those facilities don’t even employ certified, real trainers

7) The personal trainers in most of those other Dallas health clubs are nothing more than some average Joe that was hired off the street to sell memberships and not really train you

Don’t be a victim of one of these other Texas fitness and weight loss centers.  Come see why our program works and get started TODAY!