It’s hard to know where you’re going without understanding where you are. At The Triple D Fitness Group, we go the extra mile to ensure that we really understand you, your body, and your lifestyle so that we can best guide you toward achieving your fitness goals.

Our personal trainers and body diagnostic professionals have been doing what they do for decades and understand that weight is not everything. In fact, weight means very little to us. What matters is your health, how you look and how you feel, which means that we measure the numbers that mean the most, including:

Body Composition – Your muscle to fat ratio allows us to better understand which types of exercises and nutritional programs will work best for you.

Body Circumference Measurements – In terms of weight loss, your body circumference measurements mean a great deal. You can lose pounds without losing inches, and we believe that that is entirely ineffective.

Body Mass Index – Measuring your body fat content based on your height and weight gives us a good idea of how where we can begin.

Body Weight – One of the most common ways of measuring your health, your body weight measurements are a necessary but insufficient picture of your body.

In addition to these numbers, we will take photos of you so that you can see, visually, your progress along the way. We will then create your own First-Step Action Plan which compiles the data, your goals and more into a fitness plan that will work for you and for your unique body. It’s just that simple.

Contact us today to learn more about building your personalized weight loss program and see why we offer what the other guys don’t.